How can you be part of the 2% - and get employed by Smarp?

Within the past year, over 1600 people sent their applications and wanted to get employed by Smarp - and only around 30 people ended up getting an offer and joining our Smarp team. If Smarp is a place where you’d want to work, here are some tips to make the application process a bit easier.

1. Culture fit

It needs to be a match from both ends! You need to find a place where you feel comfortable, where the way of working suits you; you need to find a place where you can be you and be happy! For us it’s very important that everyone we end up hiring fit into our culture. Starting from the application documents and continuing all through the whole recruitment process we are looking for the culture fit.

We know that it might be quite difficult to know if you are going to be happy at Smarp in beforehand. To help you with this, we have created an ebook called ‘Smarp Way of Working’ - please take a look at it before applying and if you feel a match, there’s a big chance that we’ll feel the match as well!   

2. Values

Everything that we do here at Smarp is lead by our values. We have been very lucky to get so many talented people with different backgrounds (we have over 20 different nationalities) but sharing Smarp’s values is something that’s common for all of us - and hopefully it would be something that we have incommon as well.

During the recruitment process we are evaluating the culture fit but also how our values match with your approach, your way of working and preferences. You could even think about your favorite value because if you end up joining Smarp, you’ll get something customized with that value on it!

  • Take initiative and ownership - get shit done, be accountable #GSD
  • Be ambitious and create your own opportunities - Fear of Missing Out #FOMO
  • Work smart, work hard - high impact, short time #BESMARP
  • Be a team player, collaborate, have fun #COLLABORATE
  • Get out of your comfort zone - magic happens there           #NOPAINNOGAIN
  • Be part of the solution - positive attitude #SOLVER

3. Applying

The purpose of application documents is to raise enough interest in the company you are applying to that you’ll get an interview. We appreciate everyone who applies and read every single document that is sent to us. For us, finding the most qualified person is not the purpose but finding the most suitable person  is.

The elements we are looking for are previous experience and how well that meets with what we need, motivation and interests (more of this in #4), ability to work in an international atmosphere and with English language & culture fit (more of this in #1).

The more information you provide, the faster the process will be from your part. One tip to stand out and show how good of a match you’d be for the open role is to write the cover letter as a response to the ad: reflect your skills to the requirements and responsibilities, and show us how you’d be the best fit. We don’t expect you to be a master of everything so willingness and ability to learn new things is valued.

4. Why Smarp?

Every company is interested to know what made you apply: why you’d want to work in that company in that role - and we are no exception in this so please let us know what made you apply! This is a very good opportunity to stand out.

It would be great if you would think about the reasons why you’d want to work at Smarp before you send the application documents but we are going to ask this also in the interviews so you should be prepared to tell us that at the latest then. Sometimes motivation and attitude weigh even more than experience.

And imagine this scenario: five people equally qualified decide to apply, three of them have taken their time to write down their interests and motivation - which three do you think are going to be invited to the interviews first?


If you can’t find anything that would match with your interests right now, please connect with us. More than anything, we are interested to hear what you’d want to do at Smarp so please tell us! The more you tell about your interests, the less we need to guess.

We are continuing to grow and are constantly looking for new Smarpers to join our tech and sales teams in Helsinki, London and Atlanta! Check all our open positions here:

If you have any questions, please contact our Head of HR, Tony, by tony.lofving(a)


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