Your first 3 weeks as a sales professional at Smarp

There really aren't many things more exciting than starting in a new company and waking up for the first day at the new job! Will I remember all the names of my new colleagues? How much training will there be or do they expect me to know everything in advance? Will there be a lot of self-study? 


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We here at Smarp want to make sure you get a good start and that's why we want to open up how the first 3 weeks are going to look like when a new sales talent joins our amazing team!

If your home office is not Helsinki, you'll still start your Smarp journey in the lovely capital of Finland. Depending on your role you'll be visiting our HQ for 1-3 weeks.

Day 1.

Your first day will start with a meeting with our HR. During this session you'll get to know a bit more about our culture, values and practicalities. We'll also make sure that you have access to our most used platforms: email, calendar, Slack and of course Smarp.

After the general matters, you'll start the onboarding with topics related to your role. Get access to the programs you'll be using - our sales CRM is Salesforce - and have an easy start. There might be some bubbly also in the afternoon.

Week 1.

During your first week you'll get to meet a lot of your new sales colleagues and participate in different sessions. There'll probably be a lot of information shared to you; we don't expect that you remember everything at once. Some themes you'll cover during your first week are pitching and demoing Smarp, getting to know the platform, feedback sessions and talking about expectations.

Week 2.

We'll start to discuss about sales territories and prospecting. During the second week we have left you a lot more time to already start independently building your pipeline. 

Week 3.

This is the final week of your intense on-boarding period. You will now have time to start utilizing what you have learned into practice. 


During your first weeks you will also participate in our Bootcamp. These sessions are meant to everyone who joins Smarp so you'll get to spend some cross-functional time with your new colleagues and get to know people who are not directly working with you. The idea is that our teams and departments introduce themselves so you would have a good understanding of what's happening all around Smarp.

We hope that during your on-boarding you reflect on everything that has been going on, give us feedback and are open to receiving it as well. 

Hopefully this will give you a good start to your sales career here at Smarp!


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